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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Cornwall construction and development company, Fox Construction Solutions, understands that taking on a new build project can be a daunting task. Especially when commissioning a contractor for the first time. We believe the construction process should be an enjoyable experience for all involved and we have broken down our services into distinct project stages, to ensure that this is achieved. Our processes are straightforward, providing a full end-to-end service. So, let’s dive in.

Step One - Feasibility/viability

Our involvement within the project team at the earliest project stages gives us the opportunity to deliver the best value and project outcomes fully aligned with the project brief, and Client key objectives. Services delivered during this stage may include:

  • site finding

  • design team identification and appointment

  • planning discussions

  • application development

  • initial budget and cost analysis

  • initial project programme development

  • specialist subcontractor liaison

  • utilities discussions

Throughout this stage we work to ensure the whole team is clear on the criteria that constitutes a viable development, different for every scheme, and that they are aligned in achieving it. At the stage end we expect to have agreed on a viable scheme that is ready to progress to the next step.

Construction planning meeting Cornwall

Step Two - Pre-construction

Regular team meetings are held by our development team, either face to face or online. The meetings focus on design development, identifying value engineering opportunities, and managing progress against programme

We also continue to develop and refine the cost plan, fully market-test key subcontractors, and material supply packages. This is to ensure the latest cost information is always used in the regular cost plan updates

The need for placing early orders for long lead time items is identified and actioned, in order to minimise mobilisation time between the pre-construction and construction stages.

We value each and every client we work with, and we treat each project as if it were our own. Commercial jobs range from small to large, and we enjoy them all. Putting our expert team together to help you manage it from start to finish, no matter the size!

Fox Construction on site planning meeting

Step Three - Construction

Our third and final stage is where the actual construction takes place. This is where Fox Construction will take control of on-site management, material procurement, monitoring, and reporting. This is also where your development ideas begin to take shape. It can be the most exciting, and also the most finger-biting stage! All of the pre-planning, designing and management have been leading up to this moment. This is why we are on hand – to ensure a smooth transition to completion.

Regardless of project scope or size, we keep an eye on your proposed budget and costs right the way through. We will also provide you with reports throughout the construction process, making sure you are happy with progress and that everything remains on target.

We are proud to say that our expert team here at Fox Construction Solutions can, and will, take on all the paperwork for you. By working directly with you and your team, we endeavour to deliver an enjoyable and positive project for you to look back on with confidence, one that takes the stress out of your development process right from day one to moving day.

Our development company, based in Cornwall, is also no stranger to collaborating with others. With any development project there are always multiple teams, from a myriad selection of industries. We value the importance of clear communication with all teams on site, to ensure an enjoyable and collaborative construction process for all involved.

Our simple, three-step process is designed to deliver an outstanding project from start to finish. If there is anything else you wish to know more about, please do visit our FAQ page, or get in touch with a query of your own. We are always on hand to help and look forward to working with you.

Main Contractor Cornwall - Fox Construction

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