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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Campus redevelopment is a great way to assist in the modernisation of current learning institutes. Here at Fox Construction we pride ourselves on encouraging career development and learning, which is why our apprenticeships programme works so well. Our newest apprentice, Keira, has been working alongside our team on our exciting new project with Cornwall College, in a bid to redevelop their Cambourne Campus. Keira’s role in this construction process consists of many things, one of them is to make sure all the drawings for the job are up to date, so that whoever comes to look for said drawings can be assured they are the correct ones. In her own words she explains her other tasks: “I also keep track of what we call RFI and TSM, which are the questions we ask people who are also working on the job out of Fox Construction. I then sort these into a table so they are easy to read for others.”

Cornwall College construction and redevelopment

Campus redevelopments can be a time-consuming task, due to the myriad moving parts that go with them. We sat down with Keira and asked her a few questions about this newest project to see what progress was being made.

Please can you explain the work that Fox Construction is currently doing for Cornwall College?

Fox Construction are currently refurbishing the whole first and second floor of the Trelawney building by taking out the old set up of both floors, and building a brand-new layout, ultimately creating a great new working space for its inhabitants. The team are also working on the ground floor of the Trelawney building to refurbish another classroom in order to modernise the facilities and upgrade the layout, alongside the Brunel building where even more rooms are getting a brand new design. These renovations are guaranteed to improve the usability of these classrooms for both students and teachers, creating a more hospitable learning environment.

What are the goals that the college would like to achieve with this refurbishment?

The goal that the college is trying to achieve is to make a better educational learning space for the pupils, this in turn will allow them to make the most of the environment they have to learn in. Having new facilities can attract new pupils to enrol into Cornwall College, and allow the current pupils to get a better experience within their chosen courses.

Fox Construction redevelopment of Cornwall College

How long will the work be in progress for?

The construction work for the Trelawney refurbishment is scheduled to be handed over on the 21st of August 2023.

Are there any particular aspects that are challenging for Fox?

Communication is something we value highly here at Fox Construction, in terms of this being a challenging aspect, this is only due to the scale of this project and the number of contractors and external suppliers that we are working with. When this occurs, we do believe that communication needs to be a priority, as this will ensure the project is progressing in the right direction and at the right speed.

Can you tell us a little bit about the history of the Trelawney building?

The Trelawney building has always been in good condition and is home to some great facilities for teaching and learning. The Camborne campus has served as a vocational training hub for nearly a century, so we are honored to be involved in this refurbishment, and to extend the legacy of this site for as long as possible.

Is the construction currently underway?

Yes, the construction has been underway since the 20th of February which was the strip-out part of the job, and on the 4th of April 2023 the refurbishment of Trelawney building started.

Refurbishment and redevelopment of Trelawney building Cornwall College

Is this the last of the work that Fox Construction is completing for the College?

The Trelawney building is not the only work that Fox Construction is doing for the College. We also have work currently going on down at the Brunel building which involves stripping out the old classrooms and completing a refurbishment. We are also working on the infrastructure of the college and after the Trelawney building has been handed over we will start the summer works, which involve the buildings Carlyon, Union Bar, Proctor and the Sports Hall. We will also be refurbing the iconic Tamar building which is scheduled to start in September this year.

What skills do you think you have gained from being a part of this process?

A great skill that I have learnt whilst being a part of this process is time management, as it is very important to be on time with this job, so we can meet the required dates for the job completion. I have also learnt that organisation is paramount. Being organised in this industry means knowing what’s happening, where project files are, and what your schedule looks like throughout the day. Staying organised helps me to be more productive and therefore a more engaged, valued member of the team. I believe I have also improved upon my social skills due to working with multiple people from a variety of sectors. Communication is very important in a workplace as it prevents people from doing the wrong things and overall will make the workplace a better place to work.

Keira has this to say about her time working with Fox Construction

“I started working for Fox Construction as an apprentice on the 6th of March 2023. I have nothing but good things to say about Kev and John, and all the other members of the team I have worked with. They are all very welcoming and help me if I have any trouble. Working for Fox Construction has given me a different perspective of construction, as I am able to see all the planning happening in the office. I am also able to attend meetings, and it’s been good to see that the dates that are given for jobs are met, and all the work is done to meet the standards that the clients expect. Fox Construction has given me the chance to gain skills and knowledge in a business admin role working in construction that can help me get more opportunities in life.”

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